The TPC Difference: Expertise & Experience


Engineered Coating Solutions

Coatings don’t fail on their own. There are a multitude of factors that affect the performance and longevity of any coatings system. Application quality, environmental conditions, contamination and excess moisture are just a few of the factors that can lead to early failure.

Our years of coatings experience help guide us to determine the cause of the failure and develop a cost effective, common sense solution to remedy your problem. Our goal is to deliver smart, durable, long-lasting coating solutions and deliver value to our customers.

Our Process

Our consultative process ensures you get the right solution for your exterior & industrial coating needs.

  • Conduct site inspection for signs of surface failures
  • Take samples of peeling paint for lab analysis (tested for contaminates, PH, etc.)
  • Recommend corrective actions to address any structural problems to prevent future failure
  • Specify proper surface preparation and coating system

“Value Engineered” Economical Solutions

We often “value engineer” projects with your budget in mind. If we see that expensive paint or coating products are specified, we will often recommend equal performing, more economical coatings. We typically suggest more economical alternatives when we know that there are no advantages for us or you by using the expensive versions. Our decades of experience and extensive product knowledge gives us the ability to deliver cost-savings without compromising quality. Although, when high-end coatings  are needed, we will recommend investing in premium products that will deliver long-term value.



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Walgreens Case Study

Exterior metal awning surface restoration and paint coating

See the before and after

We Work Around You

We often complete work in occupied areas and we’re accustomed to working around your schedule. We routinely work during second shift or during off hours. Our goal is to minimize the impact of your employee productivity and business operations.

Environmental Solutions

We have been involved in many LEED green building projects, and we frequently use environmentally friendly and zero VOC products. We are familiar with environmental laws and regulations in the states we work in.

No Mess Clean Up

We pride ourselves on keeping our work areas clean and free from mess. We always leave our job sites better than before, like we were never there.